Local History Collection Policy

The library's policy on donations.

    This is a policy on donations for the Beaman Area History Collection.

    1. Beaman area related materials will be accepted such as diary, postcards, catalouges, clippings, telephone books, local newspaper clippings, obituaries, wedding announcements, correspondence, minutes of organizations, microfilm, menus, pamphlets, programs, school material such as essays and report cards, sale slips, records, reports, slides, pictures, etc., at the discretion of the Board.

    2. The Library Director or Library Trustees Board reserve the right to accept or reject anything that does not add to the understanding of our Beaman area.

    3. These materials of the Beaman area will be recorded and periodically displayed or stored and will be available for research and study.

    4. These items will not be available for checkout.

    5. Materials may be photocopied by a library employee if permission or copyright laws permit.

Adopted 05-06-91

Reviewed 04-03-95